Dear Colleagues

We are delighted to invite you to the Conference on Obesity and Quality of Life Outcomes, which will take place in Balestrand, Norway from 5-7 June 2012

 Conference fee is 2550 NOK and includes lunch 6-7. June. Price per day is 850 NOK.

Programme. Click here for details

Quality of life (QoL) outcomes provides extremly vital information related to the prevention and treatment of obesity. We accept a broad definition of QoL, which includes data on symptom status, functioning, body image, overall quality of life, satisfaction with treatment results etc. Qualitative research studies are very welcome.

Participating in this conference will enhance your knowledge of the state of the art and give you the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field. The Scientific programme includes plenary lectures, oral abstract presentations, poster presentations and the opportunity to networking.

Main speakers
Villy Våge, MD, PhD, Norway. 
Våge is an experienced surgeon at Førde Central Hospital, and is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of modern bariatric surgery in Norway. He has among other things studied quality of life before and after bariatric surgery during the last decade.    
Jøran Hjelmesæth, MD, PhD, Norway.
Hjermesæth is the head of the The Morbid Obesity Center Vestfold Hospital Trust. He is also the leader of the Norwegian Association for the Study of Obesity, and  are involved in several research projects, that also includes quality of life outcomes.  
Ronette Kolotkin, Clinical Psychologist, PhD, USA.
Few, if any reasearchers, have published more on the topic; obesity and quality of life, than Ronette Kolotkin. She is also the developer of the well known instrument "the Impact of Weight on Quality of Life questionnaire".
Jane Ogden, CHPsych, Professor, UK.
Ogden has special interest in in the control and loss of control over eating, aspects of weight concern, the development of dietary habits in childhood and the medical and surgical management of obesity. She is also involved in research exploring how the language used in the consultation can influence patients in terms of their beliefs about their health problem, their behaviour and satisfaction.

Harry Rutter, MD, Professor, UK.
Rutter is a consultant in public health medicine, and is director of the National Obesity Observatory and an honorary senior clinical lecturer. He has a broad interest in the relationships between all aspects of the built environment and health, in particular the health benefits of walking and cycling.


5 June

. Registration.
16:00-16:45. Opening ceremony. 


17:00-17:45. Lecture by Jøran Hjelmesæth. "Establishing a public tertiary care obesity center in Southern Norway – what have we learned?".


18:00-18:45. Lecture by Villy Våge. "Barriers to bariatric surgery". 

21:00. Social programme at the hotel (dinner at 19:30 for those staying at Kvikne Hotel. We recommend participants staying at other hotels to buy dinner at Kvikne Hotel.

6 June

08:30-09:30. Lecture by Ronette Kolotkin: "Obesity and quality of life".


09:45-10:00. "The Process of Losing Weight After Obesity Surgery". Christine Warholm.
10:00-10:15. "Problem Solving or Problem Bypass? A qualitative interview study assessing treatment results after gastric bypass surgery". Bodil Just Christensen.
10:15-10:30. "Body work- bariatric surgery viewed from a sociological point of view.  How and why does surgery work? Patients experiences from negotiations with the restrictions and opportunities following from the treatment in everyday life". Anita Berg.
10:30-10:45. "Bariatric surgery as a life-changing process: Patients' lived experiences five years after surgery". Eli Natvik.


11:00-11:15. "Validity of the SF-36 in patients with morbid obesity". Tor-Ivar Karlsen.
11:15-11:30. "Predictors of health-related quality of life after bariatric surgery".  Anny Aasprang.
11:30-11:45. "The impact of preoperative counseling on postoperative treatment adherence in bariatric surgery patients: A randomized controlled trial". Haldis Ø. Lier.
11:45-12:00. "Overweight and obesity influence the clinical outcome and the quality of life at five years following primary total knee Arthroplasty". Jens Ole Laursen.

12:00-13:30. Lunch (is included in the conference fee).

Lecture by Jane Ogden: "Improving health status in the obese: what works and what fails?".


14:45-15:00. Beyond the BMI: Changes in quality of life components and mental health after an intensive lifestyle intervention in severely obese patients.    Kjersti Karoline Danielsen
15:00-15:15. "Body image and quality of life in adolescents undergoing treatment for obesity". Ingeborg Landstad.
15:15-15:30. "Physical activity and weight loss after a life style intervention for severe obesity -  The Haugland obesity study". Eivind Aadland.
15:30-15:45. "Turning the boat: From a treatment-oriented focus to a socio-ecological approach in a study of a lifestyle intervention for morbid obesity". Randi Jepsen.
15:45-16:00. Short discussion.    

16:30 - 19:00. Social programme.

Dinner at 19:30 for those staying at Kvikne Hotel We recommend participants staying at other hotels to buy dinner at Kvikne hotel.

7 June

08:30-08:45. "Daily exercise of moderate intensity is very well tolerated and improves quality of life, metabolic and body composition parameters in healthy kibbutz elderly".    Yishai Levy.
08:45-09:00."Integrating teenagers in promotion of positive health practices. Testing tools for co-creation of online services". Auli Guilland.
09:00-09:15. "Health promotion in pregnancy care with obese women – strengthening of well-being". Wenke Moldjord.
09:15-09:30. “The Healthy Future” study; a comprehensive, locally developed childhood obesity program for treatment, prevention and health promotion, designed as an action research study". Gudbjørg Øen.
09:30-09:45. "A school-based daily physical activity intervention on CVD risk factors, academic performance and quality of life – a planned randomized controlled trail".
Geir Kåre Resaland


Lecture by Harry Rutter: 'The complex system science of obesity'.
11:00-11.45. Discussion and closing ceremony. Best short oral presentation is awarded.

12:00. Lunch (
is included in the conference fee).

Social Programme and Networking

One of the main benefits of attending is the opportunity to network with colleagues.  The organizing committee has developed an exciting social programme which offers an excellent opportunity to meet old and new friends and to experience Balestrand and Norway at its vibrant best. 

See you in Balestrand!
John Roger Andersen, Associate professor.

Balestrand and Kvikne hotel (venue). 

The Conference organizers
Norwegian Association for the Study of Obesity.
Førde Health Trust, Førde Central Hospital.
Sogn og Fjordane University College.
University of Bergen